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Part time MBA programs save your time by adding a graduate degree to your certifications, opening up many vocation potential open doors in top MNCs, the confidential area, and government areas. A few colleges offer situation help where you can get put with the college.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Part-Time MBA?
  • Is Doing MBA Part-Time Good?
  • Eligibility for Part-Time MBA
  • Duration, Fees & Exam for Part-Time MBA
  • Part-Time MBA Specialization
  • FAQs

What is a Part-Time MBA?

Part time MBA (Master of BusinessAdministration) is a program that should be possible in lined up with your work or some other standard course by going to classes on ends of the week or nights. It is a 2-year postgraduate program with 4-semesters of a half year each. In this expert in business organization program, you will realize all the administration abilities and business abilities.

This course permits you a lot of time and adaptability. As in this course, you can improve your business abilities by mastering funds, tax collection, bookkeeping, tasks, advertising, and other administration methodologies. A MBA course through part time mode is a multidisciplinary program, meaning any stream graduate can seek after the program.

Part Time MBA Specialization

MBA parttime specialization a few specializations have been presented by the colleges.

Here we have listed them for your reference:-

Part Time MBA Specializations

Finance Management

HR Management

Marketing Management

Enterprise Management

Accounting Management

Tourism and hospitality Management

Corporate Management

Rural and agri-Business


Aviation Management

Logistics Management

Supply Chain Management

 International Business Management

Agriculture Business Management


Is Doing MBA Part-Time Good?

Part time MBA, indeed you might actually do a MBA part time. Sounds Amazing! As a MBA is a graduate degree in business organization, one can do the course soon after finishing its four year college education. The cherry on the cake is that the wannabe with any stream in graduation can seek after the Part-time program MBA.

From the earliest time, as from the time we get acquainted with the program MBA, gradually however slowly, it has turned into an essential piece of discussing the graduate degree.

MBA is a degree that opens up the entryway for the wave of open positions, you need it, and you will get it by doing a MBA part time. Being a web-based model degree, it is really adaptable for anybody to make it happen, as on the off chance that you're working expertly, so indeed, beat on!

MBA through part time mode is a degree that is extraordinarily intended for you, or it's difficult for you to spend a lot over a standard degree, so my dear wannabes, a degree will suit your pocket and time as you can seek after the degree in night classes or end of the week classes according to your comfort.

Qualification for Part-Time MBA

  • The qualification measures of the program part time MBA are straightforward as the need might arise to satisfy at least norms for the program.
  • You should had a four year college education from a perceived college to get admission to a Part-time MBA. The college ought to be UGC supported, and if distance, UGC-DEB concurs.
  • There must be at least 45-half of imprints for a four year college education.
  • A few colleges offer you direct confirmation, and some take the selection test for affirmation.]

Length, Fees and Exam for Part-Time MBA

The length of the program is of 2-years that comprises of 4 semesters of a half year each. The total course is separated into these 2 years of the course time frame.

Likewise, the charge structure is different in every one of the establishments. Different kinds of colleges offer MBA programs parttime, however the charge structure is unique. Such colleges are partitioned into private and government colleges. The typical expense construction of a MBA part time course is roughly from Rs 80,000 to Rs 6,00,000 for the total program.

The assessments of the MBA part time program are to be taken during the semester. All the review is to be done disconnected as it's a parttime MBA where every one of the classes and evaluations are to be held at night or end of the week classes.

In the assessment strategy of a web-based MBA, the classes comprise of a learning the board framework, live intuitive classes, E-Books, and industry master workforce cooperation.


Q: A parttime MBA merits its certification as it has a considerable lot of the open positions in Top MNCs?

Indeed, a Part-time MBA is a beneficial degree as it's like the standard one.

 Q: For whom is the Part-time MBA the most ideal?

A parttime MBA is a program the most ideal for competitors who need to make a lifelong in administration or do their own business.

Q: What is the term of a Part-time MBA?

The term of the program parttime MBA is 2-3 years. It exclusively relies upon the college.

Q: How is a Part-time MBA better than the full-time MBA/Executive MBA or Distance MBA programs?

A parttime MBA is superior to a full-time MBA or Executive MBA in light of the fact that, in a parttime MBA, you can seek after the course and the present place of employment in lined up as it gives you both experience, vocation development, and a graduate degree.

Q: Is the educational plan of a Part-time MBA as thorough as a full-time MBA?

Indeed, the prospectus for parttime and full-time MBA is comparable.